“Scarecrow Recordings is a young record label (est.2010) that promotes releases in all formats – hence the name recordings instead of records. Our catalogue includes a wide range of music that streatches from classic rock to extrem metal – from Stockholm to Melbourne.”

Artist Roster

PBS Sound Cloud1.1  Perfect Blue Sky (Classic Rock / Psychedelic Rock)

netherbird web neph  Netherbird (Black Metal / Death Metal)

Flower_Punch_WP_band2  Flower Punch (Hindu Rock / Grunge )

dazook band  Dazook (Rock / Garage / Stoner)

kitto batman  Kitto (Rock / Grunge / Folk)


scr014cd_emerald_pbs  Perfect Blue Sky – Emerald (Cat.SRC014CD)

scr013cd_ferocious_nether  Netherbird – The Ferocious Tide Of Fate (Cat.SRC013CD)

scr012ol_elegance_netehrbird  Netherbird – Elegance And Sin (Cat.SRC012OL)

scr011cd_flowerpunch_flowerpunch  Flower Punch – Flower Punch (Cat.SRC011CD)

scr010PD_boulevard_netherb  Netherbird – Boulevard Black / Blood Orchid (Cat.SRC010PD)

PAGE8_PAGE1_Dazook_CD_12cm_8pp_print  Dazook – Dazook (Cat.SRC009EP)

scr008ol_scalp_scalp  Scalp – Scalp (Cat.SRC008OL)

scr007EP_abysmal_netherbird  Netherbird – Abysmal Allure (Cat.SRC007EP)

scr006cd_karnivore-The thriumphant Khaoz  Karnivore – The Triumphant Khaoz (Cat.SRC006CD)

scroo5OL_party_dead  Party Of The Dead – Press Start (Cat.SRC005OL)

scr004EP_sas_netherbird  Netherbird – Shadows And Snow (Cat.SRC004EP)

scr003ol_netherbird_tgc  Netherbird – The Ghost Collector (Cat.SRC003OL)

scr002cd_crash-kitto  Kitto – Crash (Cat.SRC002CD)

scr001cd_mbc_cover_thumb  Netherbird – Monument Black Colossal (Cat.SRC001CD)

About Scarercrow Recordings

Scarecrow Recordings is a young label (est.2010) and we started it as a result of the new times that face the music industry,
the bands and the listeners. We have decided to work in both the traditional way with
releases on physical media (we ourselves are damn fond of CD and vinyl) and in the form of downloads
in various high quality formats. You can actually see this stance to our releases reflected in our name;
Scarecrow Recordings. We don’t promote records but recordings, the format for these is mixed.
At this point we are just getting this label started and time shall tell where we will give and what bands
we will work with, all we know is that we will do all in our power to make music reach it’s listeners
in a way that suits both the bands and the fans alike. So we will work that our roster of artists will stay at
the very cutting edge of the music landscape.

We do not sign any new acts at this moment.

Soundpollution (SE) distributes the catalogue of Scarecrow Recordings worldwide.


Contact Us At Scarecrow Recordings

SMG Recordings 240x100

Label Manager
Name: Pontus Andersson
Mail: pontus@scarecrowgroup.com
Phone: +46730841034

A & R
Name: Johan Fridell
Mail: fridell@scarecrowgroup.com
Phone: +46709606860